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Connecting Learners
It is very important that the voice of learners is clearly heard in developing any inclusive learning strategies, resources, environments, and materials. INCLUDE encourages learners to connect with each other and with the broad educational community. A Learner’s Blog will be hosted by interested learners and will reach out to learners in higher education who have questions about and solutions for building improved inclusive educational experiences for learners. Learner resources will be developed and shared.

Simple but Powerful Learning Strategies for Information Overload

ByHicham Beddari Studying at the university is meant to be an eye-opening and exciting experience. In order to reach this main goal, major learning obstacles must be overcome. As university students, we are overwhelmed by loads of information that we keep receiving, almost, on daily basis. Remembering and using themRead More

La conception universelle de l’apprentissage (CUA) est-elle un besoin local ou un « concept étranger » ?

Par: Rabiaa Lahrach Download this PDF to read the English translation of this post.. Il s’est avéré, dans de nombreux pays de l’hémisphère sud, que les programmes et cours ne sont pas toujours accessibles à l’ensemble des apprenants, ne répondent pas suffisamment à leurs besoins et attentes et ne s’adaptentRead More

My Remote Learning Experience during COVID-19 Lockdown

ByMohsine Wahib Once declared as a pandemic, the Coronavirus has significantly modified almost all of our daily activities. Working is being done online, entertaining is being done online, and of course, schooling can’t be performed in any way but online. Schools are closed!  Education could be among the most vitalRead More

Pourquoi je souhaite que mon Université ait la CUA ?

Sana EL JAMYLY Download this PDF to read the English translation of this post.. Si chaque étudiant est différent, comment peut-on offrir un environnement qui permet à tous de s’épanouir ? En tant qu’étudiante universitaire, je rejoins la voix des étudiants du monde pour dire qu’il est plus juste, plusRead More

L’apprentissage à l’époque de la COVID-19

             Par : Mohamed BOUFOUS Download this PDF file to read the English translation of this post Malgré le caractère imprévu de cette crise sanitaire, et la suspension des cours présentiels suite à la fermeture des établissements scolaires et universitaires, les élèves et les étudiants continuent de suivre leurs apprentissages grâce aux coursRead More

I’m not disabled, I’m DIFFERENT

by Yousra El Amiri Are we limited because of what we do not have, or can we be limitless because of what we have? Too often do people limit themselves because they fear criticism. They fear being labeled as ‘disabled’.  Looking back at my own education, I remember realizing thatRead More


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