Action-Oriented Values

We value all people, therefore we:

  • Invite participation for all people in creating and influencing the development of their communities of practice.
  • Develop systems that support inclusion for a great variety of people and groups.
  • Collaborate broadly.
  • Actively promote social justice.

We value exceptional design, therefore we:

  • Design structures that are as inclusive as possible without compromising the purpose of the design.
  • We design structures with multiple access points, multiple means of communication and multiple ways of engaging.

We value collaboration, therefore we:

  • Seek to work with many related groups and people with the idea that many small improvements lead to scalable and sustainable change within communities.
  • Desire to provide a hub that helps link like-minded people and projects that provide greater access and Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

We value  high-quality research and application, therefore we:

  • Encourage research activities and projects that engage thinking related to Universal Design and inclusive structures.
  • Will work to provide research mentorship for graduate students that align with our mandate by providing collegiate advice, sharing of related research and growing our research network. 

We value impact and hope to help change our world for the better, therefore we:

  • Will seek to influence policy decisions that align with our values. 
  • We will provide professional expertise to those who are interested in gaining knowledge or implementing change based on UDL.