International Student Voice Conference APRIL 8

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NEW BLOG: Rear-view Mirror from a UK perspective with follow-up webinar on April 30, 14:00 GMT. To register, go to https://bit.ly/INCLUDEreg


INCLUDE: The International Collaboratory for Leadership in Universally Designed Education

“Working closely with international professionals, researchers and practitioners to make a positive difference in the learning and lives of traditionally marginalised students through inclusive instructional design and implementation”.



8 April 2021

You are invited to the inaugural online Student Voice Conference: Student Agency and Wellness in the Remote Environment hosted by The International Collaboratory for Leadership in Universally Designed Education (INCLUDE) and the International Conference on Education Quality (ICEQ). The conference aims to reveal and share how learners make positive changes in their learning environments. Additionally, the conference seeks to provide a platform for students to share their thoughts and experiences on the challenges they have faced, and the strategies they have used to access learning during the Covid-19 Pandemic which caused a global move to remote, online and blended learning environments in Higher Education. To find out more about this conference and how to submit a paper and/or register, click here….

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What You Will Find On This Website

This INCLUDE website provides a global venue for education professionals, learners, researchers, and stakeholders who are interested in inclusive education, inclusive instructional design, and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to CONNECT, to LEARN, to APPLY, to CHANGE, and to SHARE

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Connect with those in your own field and beyond who share in the global vision of inclusive education for all.

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Learn about effective tools, technologies and examples of and for inclusive instruction. Link to courses and programs to expand your learning

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Apply accessible and universally designed physical spaces and instructional curricula through the design models, activities, and examples.  Share your own curriculum design strategies and ideas, and develop partnerships for future efforts

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  • Assessment
  • App Design
  • Physical spaces
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Work toward systemic change.  Discover policies, guidelines, laws, and initiatives sparking inclusive change around the world.  Share your own policies, laws, and information to help build global understanding of inclusive education and the change that is needed

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Share your knowledge and experience by posting examples of your inclusive work to help build a library of inclusive materials, case studies, tool kits and guidelines for others to learn from and use

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