Learners’ Connect

Connecting Learners – It is very important that the voice of learners is clearly heard in developing any inclusive learning strategies, resources, environments, and materials.  INCLUDE encourages learners to connect with each other and with the broad educational community. A Learner’s Blog will be hosted by interested learners and will reach out to learners in higher education who have questions about and solutions for building improved inclusive educational experiences for learners.  Learner resources will be developed and shared.

Educators’ Connect

Connecting Educators through the INCLUDE Project’s website, blogs, training, courses, and professional events (both online and f2f), educators from around the world can connect with each other in their efforts to learn about and develop their inclusive practice.  Issues, approaches, materials, strategies and curricula can be shared through the many online opportunities available through INCLUDE. In addition, professional networks and relationships can grow through participation in INCLUDE events and conferences.  An online resource library for educators will be available through the INCLUDE website.

Researchers’ Connect

Connecting Researchers – With the growing need and interest in inclusive education around the world, it is critical that researchers move forward in their efforts to develop successful evidence-based models for implementing inclusive education in higher education and beyond.  INCLUDE will encourage research efforts in Inclusive education by building a professional network of interested researchers, through which they can discover research opportunities, collaborate in their work, and share ideas and resources.

Diversity Connect

Connecting with a diverse range of people and organisations – The INCLUDE network will build connections with people and organisations from diverse backgrounds, i.e., from various language groups, ethnicities, cultures, nationalities, etc., as well as people with different abilities and disabilities.


Connecting with Organisations – The INCLUDE network builds connections with other organisations that recognise the importance and need for effective inclusive education and UDL integration, and who share an interest in building a more inclusive world with access and opportunities for ALL individuals.  Such organisations come from the fields of education, professional practices, business and industry, consumer advocacy, and beyond.

Some of the organisations who collaborate with, or share interests with INCLUDE are:

  • CAST, Inc. (Center for Applied Special Technology and Educational Research)
  • UDL-IRN (Universal Design for Learning Implementation and Research Network)
  • AHEAD (Creating Inclusive Environments in Education and Employment for People with Disabilities)
  • ICEQ (International Conference on Education Quality/Ibn Zohr University)
  • SITE (Society for Information Technology in Teacher Education)
  • ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education)
  • IASE (International Association for Special Education)