There are currently four work groups within INCLUDE. This page will be updated as the workgroups evolve.

Professional Development & Training Workgroup

Professional development initiatives – The Professional Development and Training workgroup is dedicated to enhancing the skills and knowledge of community members. Their objectives include developing a global network of professionals through events and digital resources, identifying and addressing professional development needs, showcasing effective practices through case studies, vetting resources to meet diverse needs, and connecting professionals in events to promote dialogue and collaboration. Through these efforts, the workgroup aims to facilitate continuous learning, collaboration, and the dissemination of best practices in inclusive education on a global scale.

Learner’s Voice Workgroup

Learners’ voices connect – It is very important that the voice of learners is clearly heard in developing any inclusive learning strategies, resources, environments, and materials.  INCLUDE encourages learners to connect with each other and with the broad educational community. Visit the Student Voice Blog to learn about student perspectives on inclusion.

Research Workgroup

Connecting Researchers – With the growing need and interest in inclusive education around the world, it is critical that researchers move forward in their efforts to develop successful evidence-based models for implementing inclusive education in higher education and beyond.  INCLUDE will encourage research efforts in Inclusive education by building a professional network of interested researchers, through which they can discover research opportunities, collaborate in their work, and share ideas and resources.

Communications Workgroup

Online presence and outreach – The communications team ensures effective outreach and provides a home for the INCLUDE Collaboratory. They are responsible for managing our online presence, including our website and various social media platforms. In an online community, a strong web presence is paramount as it serves as the primary point of contact for members and prospective participants. The workgroup aims to effectively cultivate a vibrant and connected community focused on professional development and growth.