Our Work


INCLUDE will host various online and face-to-face events throughout each year to help grow the understanding of inclusive education around the world, share models and resources in the field, and increase the successful implementation of inclusive educational practices and on of inclusive educational practices and environments.  ConferencesTrainingWebinars and Other Events held in various settings around the world and online will be shared, helping to carry out the INCLUDE mission of building a base of knowledge, understanding, and capacity in inclusive education across the globe.

Work Groups

The INCLUDE network builds connections with organizations, learners, faculty, researchers, and institutions that recognise the importance and need for inclusion and share an interest in building a more inclusive world with access and opportunities for ALL individuals. In addition, professional networks and relationships can grow through participation in INCLUDE events and conferences. 

INCLUDE encourages its network to connect with each other and with the broad educational community. It is very important that the voice of learners is clearly heard in developing any inclusive learning strategies, resources, environments, and materials. A Learner’s Blog will be hosted by interested learners and will reach out to learners in higher education who have questions about and solutions for building improved inclusive educational experiences for learners. 


The INCLUDE Blog is posted throughout the year.  Different INCLUDE leaders and educational professionals from around the world share their experiences with inclusive education and UDL, offering their unique ideas and perspectives.