Learn about effective tools, technologies and examples of and for inclusive instruction. EXPLORE what Universal Design for Learning is, and UDL examples. Link to courses and programs to expand your learning.

Tech Tools

Technology Tools for Inclusive Instruction in Higher Education – What are some of the best and most important tech tools available to help in making your instruction and curriculum as accessible and inclusive as possible for students with widely ranging needs, interests and abilities?  You will find examples of these tools here, as well as description and links to manufacturers’ information, so that you can pursue exploring and acquiring the tools you need to build fully inclusive courses and other learning experiences online for your students and/or stakeholders.


Resources for Building Inclusive Instruction (including reviews/descriptions of resources) – What is available that can help you connect to existing, new, and perhaps better tools and ideas regarding developing inclusive materials and learning experiences?  Which organizations, agencies, universities and experts have resources to share? What do other professionals have to say about the effectiveness of these resources?  This is the information that you will find in this area of the INCLUDE website.

Online courses

Online Courses Relating to Inclusion in Education – Online instruction has boomed in recent years at universities around the world.  Here you will find examples of online courses from different universities in different countries that focus on the topic of accessibility and inclusion in learning, or that are demonstrative models of how courses can be designed to be more inclusive and accessible for those who have differing learning needs, and, perhaps, both – courses that integrate both inclusive content and inclusive processes/presentation/tools into their design.


Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) – The growth of MOOCs around the world, and the interest in and relevance of these MOOCs in playing an important role in learning at all levels means is important to INCLUDE efforts.  Here we will share information about existing MOOCs relating to universal design, universal access, UDL, inclusion, and other areas of interest. Additionally, INCLUDE seeks to design and develop MOOCs in response to needs identified through the project, and will offer them through the INCLUDE website.

Master’s Program in UDL

The Master’s Program in UDL – It is the long-range intention of INCLUDE organizers to work with certain universities to design, develop, and offer a Master’s Program in Universal Design for Learning.  These organizers will consult with experts and practitioners in the field to determine focus, content, and delivery means for the program.