Inclusion and inclusive instructional design embraces the frameworks of Inclusion Universal Design (UD), Universal Design Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and more – all supporting establishment of inclusive education for all learners.  Over the years, many toolkits have emerged to help guide the use of UD, UDL, and inclusion in education. Toolkits are available that can help you to better integrate and implement UDL in your classroom and your instruction – and share toolkits that you developed or are using.

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Inclusion Toolkit U Worcester UK

Inclusion Toolkit for Higher Education

University of Worcester, UK

Inclusion Tools Kit – Special Needs Inclusion Project

San Francisco, CA USA

Inclusion Tool Kit Project-SanFrancisco
IDEAS that Work - US Department of Education

Tool Kit on Teaching and Assessing Students with Disabilities

US Office of Special Populations, US Dept of Education

UDL Curriculum ToolKit

CAST, Inc.

CAST UDL Curriculum Toolkit
University of Kentucky AT toolkit

Assistive Technology ToolKit

University of Kentucky, USA

Toolkits Resource List

from Dr. Shigeru Ikuta