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Connecting with a diverse range of people and organisations – The INCLUDE network will build connections with people and organisations from diverse backgrounds, i.e., from various language groups, ethnicities, cultures, nationalities, etc., as well as people with different abilities and disabilities.

E-learning challenges in India

Disruption in Education Amid COVID-19 By Aashna Khurana In India, due to COVID-19, the state declared lockdown from the mid of March, one of the biggest concerns since then has been the disruption to education. Anganwadis, schools, colleges and universities have been shut since then. March and April being theRead More

Inclusive E-learning challenges in Morocco

Moroccan education system in the global context By Dr. Mustapha Aabi The World Declaration on Education for All (EFA) (1990) and the high-level Unit Summit on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) emphatically stressed the importance of meeting the educational needs for all children, youths and adults. UNESCO has been mandated toRead More


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