Develop accessible and universally designed physical spaces and instructional curricula through the design models, activities, and examples. Share your own curriculum design strategies and ideas, and develop partnerships for future efforts.

Curriculum Design

Curriculum Design – Join with others around the world who are using, developing and sharing ideas and models for inclusive curriculum designs and products.  Share your own work here in inclusive curriculum design with others.


Assessment – To make the entire education system inclusive, it is also crucial to develop ways to ensure meaningful participation of all learners in the expression of their knowledge. Therefore, assessments need to be rethought to provide all learners, including those with differing needs and disabilities, equitable opportunities to demonstrate what they have learned. Learn more about the assessment frameworks & models, and discover opportunities to share your own work on designing inclusive assessment systems with others.

App design

App Design – Would you like to know more about how to design apps that can support more inclusive learning for all?  Do you have knowledge in designing apps that you want to share? Watch this space for more information and discussion about inclusive app design.

Physical spaces

Physical Spaces – How can physical spaces be more universally designed to meet the needs of all learners for physical access?  What can these spaces look like? Share your own experiences in developing accessible physical spaces through universal design (UD).