Work toward systemic change.  Discover legislation, policies, guidelines, and initiatives sparking inclusive change around the world.  Share legislation, policies and information from your jurisdiction to help build global understanding of inclusive education and changes required to strengthen it.


Policies: By identifying and sharing the various policies that impact inclusive educational systems and practices around the world, INCLUDE will raise an awareness of what exists now and what is possible to move educational systems to effectively include ALL learners.

Standards & Guidelines

Standards & Guidelines – Educational standards and the guidelines for their implementation vary significantly from country to country, but building a knowledge of the full scope of these can help educators, administrators, and other stakeholders to plan for inclusive change in their own educational systems.  Here such standards and guidelines will be shared

International Initiatives

International Initiatives – With the growth in focus and interest in inclusive education happening around the globe, many initiatives have begun to emerge at different educational levels that will impact inclusive education not just in specific countries, but around the world.  INCLUDE is one such initiative. There are also many others that will be shared here to build a global awareness and network on inclusive efforts and practices in education.


Legislation – When legislation is enacted, policies and practices are legally bound to respond.  What pertinent legislation exists in different jurisdictions supporting (or restricting) the development of inclusive educational policies and practices?  How did such legislation come about? How can it inform change in other jurisdictions? INCLUDE gathers and shares global insights in this section.