Universal Design for Learning, Inclusive Practice and Global Youth Initiatives

Abdelaaziz El Bakkali, PhD – Associate professor of language and cultural studiesEnglish Department, School of Arts and Humanities Sidi Med Ben Abdellah University, Fes, Morocco.

The 7th International Conference on Education Quality offers a critical platform for engaging in discussions on how the social sciences can contribute to achieving sustainable development goals. This engagement is essential to promote justice and equality for all global citizens within the educational sphere, with a particular focus on advancing leadership styles. Through this conference, there is a unique opportunity to deliberate on these pressing issues and devise strategies for meaningful educational transformation.

This blog introduces the passion from Abdelaaziz El Bakkali, PhD ahead of the conference held in Worcester, UK.

As an educator deeply committed to the cause of quality education, I am truly excited about the prospect of participating in the conference and engaging in meaningful discussions with fellow participants. I am eager to share my thoughts and contribute to the intellectual debate.

Inspired by global youth initiatives, African educational stakeholders should deploy collective efforts to solve obstacles for a just world and sustainable future. Because the educational system in the continent has flopped with setbacks despite the reform stages and failed to approach the heart of this issue, African pedagogical actors have to redress the crux of the problem to allow learners access to a world of leadership and business with enough transferable skills and competencies.

Through the 7th International Conference on Education Quality, there is an opportunity to engage in a venue for the deliberation on how the social sciences can advance the sustainable development goals to achieve justice and equality for all global citizens in the educational sphere, mainly advancing leadership styles.

To explore these ideas further, Abdelaaziz El Bakkali, PhD will be speaking at the upcoming conference.

Follow the link to join online.