Launch of the International Journal for Universal Design and Universal Design for Learning

Pioneering a New Era in Inclusive Education Research

Key Figures:
Dr Sean Bracken, University of Worcester, UK
Dr Elizabeth Dalton, Dalton Educational Services International, USA
Professor Mustapha Aabi, ICEQ Co-Chair, Ibn Zohr University, Morocco

The formation of the International Journal for Universal Design and Universal Design for Learning
(IJUDUDL) marks a major milestone for ICEQ and INCLUDE. IJUDUDL will serve as a platform for
developing a robust, interdisciplinary research base to disseminate policy and practice related to
Universal Design (UD) and Universal Design for Learning (UDL). This online journal will be hosted by the
Ministry of National Education in Morocco.

Aims and Objectives
The INCLUDE Collaboratory has set out several key aims:
 Focus on Inclusive Education: To concentrate on the international quest for inclusive education
in pursuit of equal opportunities and to strive for equality in learning and social engagement
outcomes for all members of the global community.
 Guidance and Counsel: To respond to the ever-increasing call for guidance on the
implementation of UDL, particularly in contexts of transnational collaboration.

The Journal’s Purpose
IJUDUDL will provide a peer-reviewed platform for colleagues wishing to share primary research,
practice-based insights, or original ‘think pieces’ that have the potential to influence policy and practice.
The objective of this session was to finalise arrangements for the first publication of the journal, which will
draw on contributions from this conference.

A Nod to Historical Foundations
The journal recognises the enduring relevance of Ron Mace’s (1985) original conceptualisation of
Universal Design and the necessity of interdisciplinary collaboration to advance the movement towards
universal design.

Global Collaboration and Passion
The presenters expressed their enthusiasm for providing a space for global collaboration in UDL research
and literature. INCLUDE, now five years old, is ready to transition into a new phase by publishing a
completely free online journal with two issues per year: one open-ended edition and one focused on a
particular area.

Invitation to Participate
There was an open invitation for individuals to become Associate Editors or to join as guest editors for
specific issues. This forum will be a place to share original ideas and practices in UD, UDL, and inclusion,
offering a platform for voices from the field through opinion pieces. It is a double-blind peer-review
process with open access at no cost to readers.

The launch of IJUDUDL represents a significant step forward in the promotion and dissemination of
inclusive educational practices. It provides an invaluable resource for researchers, educators, and
policymakers committed to the principles of Universal Design and Universal Design for Learning.

Mace, R., 1985. Universal Design: Barrier Free Environments for Everyone. Designers West, 33(1),