Day One

The Power of Potential: 7th National ICEQ Conference at the University of Worcester

The Power of Potential conference commenced with a warm welcome from Sean Bracken, who greeted the delegates and outlined the conference’s purpose and objectives. Seated at the welcome desk, it was both a privilege and a pleasure to meet attendees arriving for this significant event.

The typically unpredictable English weather cooperated, bringing sunshine to the vibrant University of Worcester campus. Delegates from around the globe were greeted by the sight of colourful wildflowers, nurtured to promote biodiversity within the university’s outdoor spaces. This beautiful setting was a fitting metaphor for the conference’s mission: to provide a nurturing environment where professionals could grow, support each other, and pursue their passions for inclusion and educational excellence.

This year marks the 7th National ICEQ (International Conference on Equity and Quality) conference, typically hosted by various colleagues. Attendees were encouraged to network and share insights from their diverse backgrounds, embodying the true “power in the room.”

John Paul Wilson, Pro Vice Chancellor for Research at the University of Worcester, delivered a heartfelt welcome on behalf of the university. He highlighted Worcester’s rich history, particularly its role in the foundation of parliamentary democracy, adding a sense of heritage and purpose to the gathering.

The University of Worcester itself has a storied past, evolving from a teaching institution to achieving university status in 2005. Over the years, it has developed a close relationship with the city and its community. The university’s commitment to quality education and inclusivity is exemplified by its recognition in the Times Higher Education Awards, specifically under Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education.

The conference celebrated the collaboration and synergy among attendees, all dedicated to advancing quality and inclusive education. This collective effort underscores the importance of working together to foster environments where everyone can succeed and thrive.

As the conference unfolds, delegates will continue to explore and expand upon these themes, sharing their experiences and insights to further the cause of inclusive and high-quality education worldwide.