A Welcome Message from the ICEQ Chair

Dear Esteemed colleagues and Participants,

It is with great enthusiasm that we welcome you to the 7th International Conference on
Education Quality (ICEQ), organized by Ibn Zohr University and this year, in a collaborative
endeavour, hosted by Include by Design group at the University of Worcester in collaboration
with INCLUDE, and under the esteemed leadership of Dr. Sean Bracken. As we continue the
distinguished legacy of the ICEQ, this year marks a pivotal chapter as we delve into the theme:
“Power of Potential: Sharing Experiences from Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
Journeys”, promising to be a beacon of innovation and inclusivity in education.
Our conference has continually evolved, addressing various facets of educational quality with
each edition. This progression reflects our commitment to addressing the dynamic and
multifaceted challenges in education. This year, we turn our focus to Universal Design for
Learning, a framework that exemplifies our ongoing mission to enhance educational quality
through inclusivity and accessibility.

As we gather educators, researchers, policymakers, and students from across the globe, our
objective is to foster a rich exchange of ideas, experiences, and best practices centred on UDL.
Through a diverse programme encompassing presentations, workshops, and interactive
sessions, we aim to explore how UDL can be effectively implemented across various
educational contexts to create a more equitable and effective learning environment.
This conference is more than an annual event; it is a movement towards an education system
where every learner, regardless of their background or learning needs, has equal opportunities
to thrive. We especially encourage participation and submissions from regions historically
underrepresented in global educational dialogues, including Africa, Asia, Oceania, South
America, and the Global South.

Prof. Abdlaziz Bendou
ICEQ Chair
President, Ibn Zohr University
Agadir, Morocco